Badge Ribbons

GAYMER and ALLY Badge Ribbons are distributed for free at various gaming conventions. Their purpose is to help build the community of gaymers and allies by self-identification. The idea is that the awareness of their presence helps enhance the environment of the convention, promotes interaction and community building, networking, and plain old fun.

Fundraising for Ribbons

Tabletop Gaymers is currently raising funds for GAYMER/ALLY badge ribbons and operational costs. Cards Against Humanity graciously purchased ribbons for the organization in the past but has asked us to continue this effort through our own fundraising. Each year we distribute over 10,000 ribbons at Gen Con alone and we’re hoping to expand to other gaming conventions.

If you’d like to make a personal donation, you may do so through our GoFundMe page or through PayPal.

Badge Ribbon Registration

If you would like to be kept up to date on the happenings on TabletopGaymers as well as Gaymer events at conventions, please complete our Badge Ribbon Registration form.

Badge Ribbon Selfie

If you want to show your pride, send us a photo of yourself wearing a GAYMER or ALLY ribbon!

Badge Ribbon Request

We distribute GAYMER and ALLY Badge Ribbons at Gen Con and other events we attend. If at all possible, please pick up one of the ribbons at those events. If you aren’t going to be at one of those events or just desperately want us to spend money (donations welcome) sending you a few, please send us a request.