Badge Ribbon Request

Alright, so here is the deal… the ribbons cost you nothing. We happily give these ribbons away at Gen Con and other gaming events that we visit.

We totally get that they are awesome and you probably want to wear one to work and around the house while you’re doing laundry. But their purpose is to provide visibility and community to the gayming community at conventions. Last year, our request form ended up on some dumb-ass “freebie” site and we had hundreds of requests overnight. We realized something was wrong when someone emailed a hurried cancellation request right after they submitted the form. “Cindy” realized one-click too late exactly what she’d requested for her precious 13 year old son. And although she “[has] no problem with gay people” she was “quite certain that [her] son is not gay.” We sent her one anyway.

That being said, if you really want one and won’t be at one of our events (like Gen Con)… You can complete the request form and we’ll spend our our buck on an envelope and postage and send you one. That is, if you can figure out the password to our secret agenda.