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First of all, thank you so much for your interest in distributing GAYMER and ALLY badge ribbons. We sincerely appreciate all of our fellow gaymers, allies, and organizations whose donations make these ribbons possible. As you distribute these ribbons, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

No Representation

Neither you nor your organization’s agents represent or may speak on behalf of Tabletop Gaymers Inc. You may not collect funds on our behalf, please suggest making a donation on the website. If you receive any inquires about the nature of the ribbons, means of donating, or general questions about Tabletop Gaymers Inc., please direct them to the website: WWW.TABLETOPGAYMERS.ORG

Be a Sponsor

We encourage you to identify yourself as a sponsor, donor, supporter, gaymer, ally, etc. You are welcome to identify yourself by whatever means best suits you. For example, you may do so in person, in online forums such as Facebook or Reddit, on your personal or company website (please link to our website), and through media releases, printed materials, fliers, advertisements, etc.

Free Without Provision or Requirement

The ribbons are to be given away freely. You may not charge for the ribbons. You may not add any provisions or requirements such as asking an individual to first purchase, disclose, sign-up, or participate in any activity. They are not to be raffled or given as prizes.

GAYMER/ALLY Badge Ribbons Are Not Swag

It is important that the ribbons be given to individuals who expressly want them to show their pride and support. Do not distribute them to passersby or include them in swag bags or with unrelated material.

Distribution Must Be Controlled

You must make a reasonable effort to ensure that the ribbons are not wasted. In general, you should treat the ribbons as you would your own property or merchandise. Their distribution must be controlled or monitored in such a way that an individual can only take one. Often, individuals will ask for extra ribbons “for some friends”, please encourage them to have their friends return for their own.

Design Your Own

Tabletop Gaymers Inc. claims trademarks on the stylized design of the ribbons when it incorporates the “d20” mark and the title “Tabletop Gaymers.” No claim is made to the terms “gaymer” or “ally”. Please feel free to show your support by designing your own ribbons without these marks or our name.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Contact Us.