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Tabletop Gaymers wants to purchase board games for LGBTQ+ Community Centers across the nation. We want to work with these centers to create a recurring event called a “Gayme Night” for their patrons. We intend to connect the centers with local “Gayme Masters” who can teach the games and coordinate the events. The goal is to give their patrons the opportunity to learn and experience these games, socialize, network, and make new friends.

We need your help to bring this program to life! We’ve even come up with some cool Donor Rewards!


How You Can Help

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and rely on the generosity of private donors and corporate partners.

Donate to Our GoFundMe Campaign

The board games we are focused on are quality products and such quality comes at a price. We expect each package to cost around $350. (For more details, view our Board Games and Budget page.) This includes the cost of the games, packaging, shipping, promotion, and event materials. The more funds that we are able to raise, the more centers and their patrons we can reach. Please donate to our GoFundMe Campaign for this program: Board Games for LGBTQ+ Centers.

Become a Corporate Partner

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or other corporation, we’d like to partner with you. In return for your financial or in-kind donation, we will help promote your games and your company by sharing these games with new players. Each game will include a permanent label indicating the company who provided the game and the Tabletop Gaymers web address. This website will also include a list of our partners, your corporate logo, and a link to your website. See our Corporate Partners page for more information and to make a corporate pledge.

Get Involved with Gayme Night

Besides the obvious financial challenges, we need you help in other ways to make this program happen.

Become a Gayme Master

We are connecting with volunteers who are local to each center and willing to teach these games to others during the events. You should be an experienced game player but you do not need to know all of the games. And despite the name, you don’t have to identify as LGBTQ+; allies are always welcome at all Tabletop Gaymers events. See our Gayme Masters page for more information and to apply to become a volunteer.

Tell Us About Your LGBTQ+ Community Center

We are looking for centers who are interested in social programs for their patrons. To qualify, your center must also be a nonprofit organization that is open to the public, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Centers with existing programs for young adults are of particular interest. See our LGBTQ+ Community Centers page for more information and to express interest in this program.

Spread the Word

Let everyone know about this new program from Tabletop Gaymers. Let your friends know about this program and direct them to this website for more information, to donate, and to volunteer. If you have contacts with influential retailers or game manufacturers, share with them how important this program is and ask them to visit and get in touch. If you know of someone who represents an interested center, or would like to become a Gayme Master, direct them here.

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